• Are they ecological friendly?

    We strive to maximize its friendliness to the environment by achieving the means of recycling, biodegradation and energy recovery from the product.

    Another factor that makes it friendly is that all of our products are from FSC certified sustainable and manageable forests.

  • Do you have quality systems?

    Our company’s certifications are

    • ISO 9001:2015
    • 22000:2005 ΜΕΤΑΒΑΣΗ ΣΕ 22000:2018
    • Upcoming certification FSC
    • Upcoming certification ISO 14001:2015.

  • What are the legal requirements for your products?

    The product complies with the Regulation 1935/2004/EK
    The product complies with the Regulation 2023/2006/EK
    1907/2006/ EK/REACH Regulation SVHC listed by ECHA
    Is in accordance with the requirements of the article 24 of ΚΤΠ
    The product complies with BfR Recom mendation XXXVI
    Method §30 and 31 (LFGB) for greasy, liquids and dry foods.
    Method 80.56 § 64 (LFGB)

    According to the standards:
    EN 13430
    EN 13431
    EN 13432
    In accordance with the requirements of Directive 94/62/EK
    All inks are based on water, nontoxic and according to the requirements of CEPE.

    Product for direct contact with food according to
    FDA 21 CFR § 176.170.
    FDA 21 CFR § 176.180.
    FDA 21 CFR § 175.105.No dangerous substances are present
    The paper does not contain phthalates.

  • Are they suitable for contact with food?

    All of our products are in accordance with European & international standards – regulations, while respecting the most stringent requirements to ensure that the final product is suitable for contact with food.

  • What kinds of food do you recommend?

    Recommended for aquatic, fatty and dry foods.

  • Are they free OBA and chlorides?

    All of our products are free OBA and chlorides because the whitening process deals with methods which are friendly to both environment and consumers.

  • Are they virgin fibers?

    The 98% of our produced products are made by pure virgin cellulose while the remaining 2% (at customer’s choice only) made by recyclable materials.

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