The corporation Argus Pack ΙΚΕ is committed to bring forth products in total compliance with certain specifications and requirements, for the complete and continuous customers’ satisfaction, the attunement with legislative and normative claims, which are quality tested before their delivery.
The corporation’s field of application is the production and the wholesale of food packaging products, paper, card board, and plastic, paper drinking straw and similar products.
The customers’ demand for quality is recognized and is continuously kept in track and the act of upgrading the compliance level is continuous and incessant.
The basic principles which constitute the quality of the corporation’s services are:
– There are complete procedures for quality programming and monitoring the daily production having target the coverage of qualitative, timescale, concerning the security of food packaging and the cost plans.
– All raw materials are produced by qualified suppliers.
– All operations are performed by qualified personnel.
Through the harmonious cooperation between the involved parts (management, personnel, associates, and suppliers) the successful accomplishment of its activities is ensured. The corporation is committed on issues concerning the food packaging security and its communication with the food chain company.
In order for the above mentioned to be achieved:
• It has developed ways of communication between human personnel as well as with suppliers, clients.
• The organization’s operational framework has been taken into consideration.
The corporation’s Total Management Policy as well as its targets concerning the quality of its activities, the livability and security of its food products are expressed as follows:
• A System of Total Management has been developed and is applied according to ΕΛΟΤ ΕΝ ISO 22000:2018 & ISO 9001:2015,
• We retrospect and continuously develop our services’ characteristics, wherever this is possible, as well as the efficiency of our Operations and by extension, the whole System of Total Management.
• We set quantifiable objective targets for the security of the food packaging and for the quality in a corporate level, in the operational level as well as the concern for our services. Those targets are established and are evaluated according to the degree of their accomplishment as part of the Retrospection of the System’s Quality Control by the corporation’s Management, taking into consideration the threats and the opportunities identified by the corporation.
• We supply all the essential resources to secure the unhampered, efficient and effective operation of our organization.
• We invest upon the continuous staff training, briefing and education of our personnel so as to promote the quality of our operations.
• We oversee, count and appraise the critical parameters and Procedures, in order to assure the Quality offered.
The System of Food Management Security is being detected, maintained and improved through the programs of inspection, evaluation and retrospection. It has been planned in order to give priority to prevention, but without under grading the mechanisms of corrective action, when the System of Total Management is not in line with the requirements.
The targets’ accomplishment is achieved through the use of modern expertise, compliance with the European and National Legislation, with consciousness raising to eco-friendly issues, compliance to the markets’ conditions, with auxiliary functions and with supply of the essential resources (that is, of ethical and material means), with continuous conscious raising and education with respect to issues concerning the Health and Food Security.
The incessant effort for continuous improvement of the Total Management System’s effectiveness constitutes the corporation’s major concern and every employee’s philosophy, also trying to promote this mind frame to our suppliers/ affiliates.
Adopting the principle of continuous improvement, the corporation Argus Pack ΙΚΕ recognizes and rewards the team collaboration, as well as the individual effort, invests in human resources and respects the customer and the environment.

Edition 1st 2.03.2020

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